November 13, 2019
  • 2:15 pm Jared Rosholt PFL 10 Finale
  • 12:35 pm Jornel Lugo Bellator Post Interview
  • 2:32 pm Cody Stamann UFC on ESPN 7
  • 1:09 pm Brendan Allen UFC Boston
  • 1:20 pm Jordan Young Bellator 233

LAST CALL Interview with star of NAT GEO’s miniseries “The Hot Zone”

The rising star sits down to talk about his role on “The Hot Zone” having to get the nuances down of being a military member, coming from a military family and the pressure of making it authentic, his own production company, and how he has learned to navigate through the world of TV and movies.

Actor Lenny Platt

Radio/Podcast Creator, Host, Producer of Last Call Radio Show